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Why Choose Greenmillenia

We are dedicated to inspire hope and motivate action through the use of clean energy. As a carbon-neutral company, we place sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We help create positive change for the planet by reducing carbon impact every day.

Customer impact

Traditional electricity generation creates greenhouse gases and contributes to air pollution. Clean energy sources like wind and solar power do not create CO2 emissions.

Company accountability

To ensure we’re providing comprehensive, sustainable solutions, we also offer select Green Energy certified products.

Employee impact

Because Greenmillenia Energy wants to be as sustainable as possible, we regularly take a close look at our operations to see where we can improve so we can become a more eco-focused company.

About Us

Greenmillenia is a consulting company in the field Energy.Its specs include investment and consulting services in Solar PV ,Wind Energy,Biomass,Nuclear, Geothermal and energy efficiency services like Audits.

We have diversified our portfolio towards new development in Oil&Gas exploration consultancy in East Africa region with partners across the world. However our key focus remains power generation since we have 3projects under full feasibility studies in solar and wind energy to a tune of 200MW target.

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Greenmillenia offers the following investment and consulting services in:

Solar Energy

We provide the thoughtful design and safe, dependable installation of distributed solar energy systems, including solar PV and energy storage systems. We provide expertise and effective ongoing system support, focused on maximizing the value of the solar energy assets of our customers and clients

Wind Energy

Greenmillenia has a proven track record of experience within the Wind Power and Renewable Energy segment including the wind energy services of both start-up and the commissioning of wind farms. Our project engineers possess a high level of expertise relative to the design and project management aspects of wind farm commissioning, wind energy development, ongoing wind energy services, and wind turbine maintenance.

Battery Storage

Greenmillenia offers all-in-one design, integrated with container, refrigeration system, battery module, PCS, EMS,STS,distribution box,high voltage box,fire protection, environmental monitoring, etc., modular design, with the characteristics of safety, efficiency, convenience, and intelligence, etc.,full use of the Inner space of cabinet .

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a viable fuel alternative to expedite the decarbonization of numerous industries. As an industry leader in the development and implementation of both renewable energy and alternative fueling infrastructure, Greenmillenia has been at the forefront of energy transition for the past decade

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal solutions from Greenmillenia are dependable and powerful enough to handle the volatile conditions involved in harnessing this energy. We design geothermal power plant solutions that effectively utilize the earth’s intense hydrothermal resources.

Feasibility studies for Energy Projects

For the feasibility of projects early involvement of the consultant´s specific expertise and close cooperation throughout project development allows the client / investor to benefit from many advantages. Greenmillenia offers all the required studies on behalf of our clients.



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