Greenmillenia has a portfolio of 80MW under development where we retain stakes in the SPV’s. We have offered consultancy services in solar, wind energy, Biomass,C&I ,Minigrids,Waste to Energy to accumulated capacity of 210MW in East Africa including Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia.

We offer support services to our international partners in undertaking due diligence on their behalf in Energy projects across East Africa. Below are actual tasks offered to our clients within our portfolio?

  • Pre –Feasibility
    1. Environmental Impact Assessment
    2. Site Selection (Land terrain)
    3. Land Due diligence
    4. Technology Selection
    5. Solar Resource Assessment
    6. Grid network study /Access
    7. Geotechnical Pre-analysis
    8. Survey of land: elevation, grade, ground water management
    9. Investor based Financial Model in line with FIT Policy Tariff
    10. County Government engagement and local administration
    11. Prospective Investors Intent
    12. Project Schedule / Ghant Chart
    13. Possible grant applications
    14. EOI Application to relevant Authorities government alongside all pre-feasibility studies
    1. EIA/ESIA
    2. Geotechnical study
    3. Hydrological Study
    4. Financial Model as per FIT Tariff
    5. Financing Project Model
    6. Land acquisition
    7. Land valuation report
    8. Topo-survey
    9. Archaeological study
    10. Legal report on land lease agreement
    11. PPA negotiation support
    12. Project Engineering design
    13. Permit application :Foresty,Military,Aviation Industry permit
    14. Land change of User
    15. Community Resettlement action Plan Report

Development Advisory Risks by Experience faced by Greemillenia and solutions used

  • Increased land availability and acquisition costs

    Understand advantages/disadvantages of property siting options Clearly understand the siting zoning regulations

  • Anticipate and consider all related elements, including federal, state, and local requirements; environmental impacts; decommissioning, etc.

  • Identify data that require confidential management DOE cyber security procurement language, Cyber security risk insurance, MultiSpeak compatibility, Software documentation.

  • Research and learn from other installed systems, Anticipate sources of hidden costs, Ensure comprehensive review of internal resource impacts, Engage subject matter experts to assess the cost elements.

  • Establish clear project roles, Ensure comprehensive project and schedule, with effective project management controls.

  • Seek legal and tax counsel with expertise on the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including tax law, enabling statutes and bylaws, County new regulations, Special zoning, land-use, renewable and environmental regulations, utility regulations, and existing requirements under current financial contracts While consulting legal counsel is imperative, cooperatives may decide to get additional information by collaborating or partnering with third parties that have expertise.

  • Ensure that assigned Project Manager and other key staff have the right skills, capabilities, and bandwidth Cost-benefit analysis of insourcing vs. outsourcing various duties.

  • Coordinate with political counsel and legal counsel.

  • Portfolio